The Lexington Wind Symphony

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I would like to welcome you to the official website of the Lexington Wind Symphony. My name is Jacob Lamb, and I am the Founder and Executive Director for the LWS. This ensemble has been active since February 2012 and we have already accomplished so much, thanks to the hard work of the musicians and the community of Lexington. We have performed many highly successful concerts, one which was a benefit concert raising more than $1200 for local charities. The LWS is blessed to have commissioned two pieces: "Somnium Regnum" (The Kingdom of Dreams) composed just for our ensemble by Kristen Hirlinger and "Three Renaissance Dances" composed by our very own Liza Zumbrunnen!


Our 2014 Concert Season will be our third season and we have MANY exciting and new events planned! If you haven't done so, come to one of our concerts; I promise you won't be disappointed! And you can't beat the price: they're ALL 100% FREE!!!  We operate strictly on free-will donations from our concert attendees, which covers the cost of sheet music, decorations, advertising and many other expenses.


With such support from the communities, the success of the LWS will keep us going, BUT without active participation from you... the LWS could not exist. If you have any questions, would like to join our ensemble, want to know when our performances are, who performs with the LWS, or would like to leave some suggestions, then I strongly encourage you to explore the website or contact me.


The LWS looks forward to bringing some AMAZING music to Lexington and surrounding communities. If you love music and realize the importance of teaching children to include music in their lives, please get involved. It is a proven fact that kids who play an instrument or sing; make better grades! Make sure they practice, practice, practice!


Jacob A. Lamb,

Founder and Executive Director for the LWS